The Trust provides support in the fields of fine arts and music by empowering aspiring artists and underserved youth.

All applications will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • The organization’s capacity to empower youth to become productive artists, songwriters and/or composers
  • The extent to which the program fosters a passion for fine arts and music
  • The extent to which the program enhances and/or creates change in and/or for the LGBTQ community, especially focusing on youth, teen and young adult communities
  • The organization’s potential for effecting change through a history of achievement and effective management
  • The measurement of outcomes and evaluations should be quantifiable
  • The demonstration that the organization has a strong financial foundation utilizing diverse funding sources
  • Verification of 501(c)(3) status
  • Currently we are only accepting applicants from the state of Maine*

Grant application submission deadline:

For an application for the following year please submit application by DECEMBER 31st.

Decisions will be made by April 30th. Grants will be awarded between June 30th-September 30th.


*Applications submitted requesting a grant for the current year or another state may be considered at the Foundation’s discretion.